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RUSSIA: sex workers’ rights activist group to formalise their organization

 By SWAN Secretariat
On May 24, 2013, Silver Rose, the activist group advocating for sex workers’ human rights in Russia is planning to apply for official registration number for their organization. The proposed name will be: Silver Rose - Non-commercial partnership of sex workers and their allies to protect sex workers’ health, dignity and human rights.

Russian public seems to have taken interest in such TV discussions as “should prostitution be legalized in Russia” which brought out various opinions and positions of invited “experts” on sex work. Unfortunately, not many journalists asked the opinion of sex workers themselves as to what are the issues that sex workers face every day, how the existing legislation impacts on their lives and safety and what legislation can bring to their doors.

Silver Rose took the task of making the voices of sex workers heard and respected as well to bring public attention to such more urgent problems as physical, sexual and economic violence against sex workers in Russia.

On behalf of SWAN members in 18 countries of our region, SWAN Secretariat wishes this young group and their supporters good luck and great achievements to come!
To learn more about Silver Rose visit their website www.silver-rose.org