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SWAN releases a video and a guide on Engaging with Global Fund Processes

SWAN, within the Regional Platform EECA, has developed a video and community guide  on the community’s engagement in Global Fund supported processes on the national level.

“Engaging in Global Fund Process. A Community Perspective”  reflects the experiences of sex workers’ communities from 6 countries: Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan and Macedonia. It explores and promotes the examples of leadership and meaningful engagement of sex workers communities into national responses towards HIV, but also highlights the challenges and barriers for the meaningful engagement. It also encourages the community to not be afraid and try to take an active role in country dialogue around HIV.

The video is accompanied by a Community guide, which provides basic info about the main structure and grant making process supported by Global Fund on national Level. It provides information on where community can and should engage, in which ways, why it is important, and also share tips on what community can do in cases when they did tried to engage, but the attempts were unsuccessful.

SWAN thanks its members who  participated in the video, and shared their experiences.


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