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Tell to Members of European Parliament to say NO to criminalization of clients of sex workers

 The European Parliament’s Committee on Gender Rights and Women’s Equality, FEMM, has approved a report that recommends criminalizing clients of sex workers. The report will be up for European Parliament vote on 27 February 2014. Sex workers are speaking out against this recommendation and call on allies in the women’s, human rights, harm reduction movement (and others) to give support and speak out against the criminalisation of clients of sex workers as well.

 To support sex workers movement in Europe and Central Asia we are asking you to:
• Sign/endorse the ICRSE letter to Members of European Parliament
• Contact your Members of European Parliament
• Sign and share the petition
• Forward this campaign to your networks

The letter to be endorsed (in English) is here: http://www.sexworkeurope.org/node/485.
You can send your endorsement to info@sexworkeurope.org with name of your organisation, website and country, until Friday 14th of February.

The campaign page of ICRSE with links to more material and statements in 5 languages is here:

The petition to Members of European Parliament is here: https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/members-of-european-parliament-sa...