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Advocacy School
By Aliya on Mar 29th, 2009

In this newsletter issue we introduce you a very interesting case study, which is not strictly connected to sex work, but very useful in general. Namita from Bangalore has told about her participation experience in the News from Rights Activists of this SWAN News issue. In this Advocacy School section we place a short analysis of why the campaign was a success taken from a posting on Guaravonomics website: Three Lessons Activists and Marketers Can Learn From India’s Valentine’s Day Pink Panty Campaign (February 25th, 2009).

In this Advocacy School section we feature a short analysis of why the Pink Panties campaign in India was such a huge success by Gaurav Mishra (visit his blog here).
Even though the campaign is not directly connected to sex work, the tips and strategy can be useful in planning your own actions and campaigns.

Introduction: The Pink Chaddi Campaign as a case study of online citizen activism in India.
NOTE: the article has been edited and shortened by SWAN. Read full version here.

Advocacy School
By Aliya on Jan 22nd, 2009

In the previous issue of the SWAN Advocacy School we talked about things to do in the preparatory phase of media sensitization seminars. In this edition, we are talking about the seminar delivery and follow up.

Advocacy School
By Aliya on Dec 9th, 2008

In this and following issue of the SWAN Advocacy School we will talk about organizing sensitization seminars for the media reporters on sex work issues. More

Advocacy School
By Aliya on Jun 9th, 2008

Excerpts from the Media Survival Guide for Sex Workers by Alexandra Beesley
As a documentary maker and sex worker I have worked with such people as Sky Television, Granada, ABC, BBC, SBS and ITV, and have experienced first hand how easy it is to manipulate, titillate and use footage and sound bites out of context.
The media's power to influence our culture is obvious and mainstream media's tendency to gravitate towards the superficial and sensational means that people who work in the sex industry are generally portrayed under a negative light, enforcing and perpetuating stereotypes.

Advocacy School
By Aliya on Mar 13th, 2008
Advocacy School
By Aliya on Dec 22nd, 2007

Many SWAN members participating in the December 2007 Campaign for human rights of sex workers used red umbrella as their symbol. What does red umbrella mean? Here is an article about its symbolism and history, already published in SWAN News last year.

Advocacy School
By Aliya on May 19th, 2007

Good media reports about you and your projects are an independent insight into your work. They can improve your organizational reputation and credibility.

Advocacy School
By Aliya on Mar 20th, 2007
Advocacy School
By olga on Dec 25th, 2006

By decriminalizing sex work, sex workers would:

1) Have legal recourse in the case of abuse by client, police or street gangs
2) Have social services including health benefits, unemployment, and retirement plans
3) Have protection from sexually transmitted diseases by reducing unprotected sex and having access to screening and other health services
4) Their human rights would be protected and their lives dignified
5) Last but not least, they would be able to chose the career of their choice

The society would also benefit from decriminalization, because:

1. The incidence of HIV and STI would decrease
2. It would be more just, with everyone enjoying their human rights, sex workers too
3. The corruption in police and judiciary would be decreased More

Advocacy School
By adam on Sep 30th, 2006

Today we will talk about trafficking vs. sex work. Some people use the term ‘trafficking’ to describe sex work. What is really the difference between trafficking and sex work? Following is an excerpt from the recently published SWAN Media and Advocacy Manual.


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