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I Can Live Coalition

Contact Person
Jurgita Poskeviciute
Member Contact: 
Jurgita Poskeviciute

SWAN member since 2006

Vision: Targeted, open and constructive cooperation of various institutions, organizations, specialists and activists working together to shape Lithuanian policy on dependencies and related issues
Mission: Guided by the principles of humanism, tolerance, partnership, and respect for human rights and freedoms, I Can Live seeks effective solutions to dependencies and related issues and contributes to creating a safe and healthy society
- to ensure that policy-making, decision-making, and implementing institutions and persons directly related to vulnerable groups comprehend the needs of those groups
- to reduce stigmatization of and discrimination against vulnerable persons by shaping public opinion
- to promote development and funding of the integration and re-socialization system for vulnerable groups and mechanisms for implementation thereof
- to seek effective implementation of the principles of the reduction of harm to society and people laid down in the national drug control, drug use and HIV/AIDS prevention policy
- to increase access to health care, social, and other services to vulnerable groups
- to develop the capacity of the Coalition members, self-organization of vulnerable groups, and their active involvement in decision making processes

Areas of focus include advocacy for access to harm reduction, evidence based treatment drug treatment and HIV prevention, care and support in community and in prisons; promoting rights and health oriented approaches towards drug use issues; rights of vulnerable populations; legal assistance and legal advocacy for access to services; civil society monitoring of government budgeting and expenditure. We rely on research and evidence-based arguments, recommendations of recognized international organizations, experience and needs of representatives of vulnerable groups, knowledge and expertise of the Coalition members – non-governmental organizations and experts.

Geographical scope: Lithuania
Number of staff: 8 staff persons, several (varying number) of volunteer legal consultants

Main work in connection to sex work: Monitoring the situation, speaking out on decriminalization of sex workers, raising awareness about sex workers who are not victims of trafficking, sensitizing journalists towards sex worker issues, cooperating with other organizations to protect the right to abortion which is under constant threat in Lithuania due to anti-abortion legislative initiatives within our parliament.