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Ukrainian Harm Reduction Association

Contact Person
Alexandr Ostapov
Member Contact: 
Alexandr Ostapov

SWAN member since 2006

All-Ukrainian Association on Harm Reduction is a non-for-profit, charitable organization founded in June 2002.

The Association offers support to the institutions and organizations working in the sphere of harm reduction strategy, and develops, promotes and implements new approaches in the prevention of HIV/AIDS. In its work it emphasizes human rights and dignity and follows the principles set in international conventions and other documents on human rights.

Today the association has 48 member-organizations from around the country.

During the four years of its active work, the Association has completed more than 30 projects aiming to provide the missing services or to lobby for improvement of public social and legal assistance to drug addicts, sex workers and convicted. 

Due to the Association’s active participation in law-making process, serious changes have happened in Ukraine.  One of the most significant ones was decriminalization of prostitution. The Article of the Ukrainian Criminal Code that was imposing criminal responsibility for persons practicing prostitution (Part 1, Art. 303) was recalled as a result of the association’s lobbying and campaigning.

All-Ukrainian Association on Harm Reduction has 48 member-organizations from around the country. They function as a network with the aim to unite know-how and staff resources and establish stronger connections with target groups. 

Association is active in several fields:

  1. Protection of the drug users’ rights and the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS; elimination of stigmatization and  help to the drug-dependent in giving up drugs and returning back to the society and normal life.
  2. Analysis and introduction of legislation database to optimize the community reaction to HIV/AIDS;
  3. Advocacy and introduction of Harm Reduction ideas among the population of Ukraine;
  4. Development of professional base for the Harm Reduction program;
  5. Provision of Harm Reduction assistance in prevention of spreading HIV/AIDS-associated diseases and risk behavioral  patterns among the Ukrainian population;
  6. Drug-use Harm Reduction.
  7. Participation in implementation of national, regional and international programs aimed to prevent the spread  of HIV.
  8. Introduction of public control on implementation of Harm Reduction program and other programs currently taking place  and those to come in future.
  9. Research on Harm Reduction and efficiency evaluation of the program in Ukraine.
  10. Support to capacity building of the Association members.
  11. Promotion of the Program activities and achievements to community and interested individuals.
  12. Development of resource database on the experiences of Harm Reduction in Ukraine.
  13. Awareness rising on HIV/AIDS problems and prevention of drug use.

The main donors of the Association are the International Foundation Vidrodzhennya and the International Alliance on HIV/AIDS in Ukraine.