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Undertaking to Help Sex Workers, Lietuvos rytas

Coalition of NGOs and experts I Can Live is seeking to consolidate institutions and organizations dealing with sex work issues. With an aim to shape an objective and realistic attitude of the society towards the sex work industry, the Coalition created an informational space for these issues. The main aim of the project is to collect and distribute objective information about sex workers, help them solve their legal and social problems, and share good practice. Newly established Informational Network seeks to enable harm reduction, to attract attention of society to sex work issues and to form rational politics in this field.

The Coalition emphasizes the problems of sex workers’ health insurance. Coalition instigates medics and social workers to pay attention to sex work industry instead of ignoring it only because sex work is illegal in Lithuania. Sex workers are discriminated and avoid approaching health care services even when it is necessary. This increases the number of sexually transmitted diseases and other social problems.

Coalition doesn’t express a resolute position for or against sex work legalization; it only prompts society to pay attention to social issues and to introduce laws which would enable solving these problems in civilized ways.