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IHRA 2009: Apply now

IHRA 2009 conference will take place in April 2009. Sex Workers Collective are collecting applications and abstracts NOW. More

Dear friends and colleagues,


We are a collective of sex worker organizations working on international harm reduction issues. We would like to provide you with some information about next year's International Harm Reduction conference that will be held in Thailand April 19 to 23rd, 2009. We have heard that there may be a boycott of the conference by Thai community organizations working with drug users but this is not definite yet. We await to hear more and will make our decision on September 23 at our planning meeting.


In the mean time we are still encouraging sex worker representatives to submit expressions of interest in being a plenary speaker and to be on a major panel. Our priority is for sex workers to represent themselves and their communities. We are particularly keen to include speakers from Central Asia, Eastern Europe, SE Asia, and Southern Asia on the major panel but are open to expressions of interests from any region. Please email psaunders@bestpracticespolicy.org by September 20 if you wish to be considered for the major panel or to be a plenary speaker. Please tell us 1) community or organization you represent 2) if you are interested in being on the panel, a plenary speaker or both 3) the topic/issue you would like to speak about (summary of no more than 200 words).


Please note that we are seeking presentations about any sex work related issues and please do not limit your topic to issues related to drug use unless this is your specific field of work. Our groups use a broad definition of "harm reduction" that includes repressive anti-sex work law and policy, and discrimination, as forms of harm.


We also encourage sex worker representatives to consider joining our group, the International Sex Worker Harm Reduction Caucus, to work on sex work and harm reduction issues. If you are interested please email psaunders@bestpracticespolicy.org