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Bulgaria: A video reportage about male sex workers on TV

This reportage, called „Profession male prostitute” shows the work of male sex workers in a town called Veliko Turnovo, and was broadcasted on one of the most popular national TV in Bulgaria - TV NOVA. You can see this reportage in Bulgarian here.

It showed the bussiness and people in it, their problems with police. The principal character in this short movie is a man who offers sex to both men and
women. He tells about the diversity of age and diversity of desires of his clients.

The journalist says that Viagra for male sex workers is more like a cup of coffee and most of times they need stronger stimulants, like cocaine. The majority of male sex workers have families and “other life”. One of their biggest problems, the male sex worker said, is the police. If someone wants to work as a sex worker they have to pay a bribe to the police. That secures them a place. But when the police arrest them they have to pay bribes again, he said that the usual tax is 100lv (around 50 euro). At the end of the conversation the sex worker casually stated that his work is work is no way different from any other profession. The reportage concludes with argumets of the journalist in favor of legalization and how it could affect sex workers.