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Participate in sex workers art exhibition!

Asian Pacific Network of Sex Work plans to organize a Sex Worker Art Exhibition called 'The face of sex work'. This will be a space for visual art. The organizers plan to set up a multi-media exhibition where sex workers messages on HIV and Human rights issues are presented directly from our communities to conference goers in an unmediated format- the Sex workers speaking for themselves. This will allow non English speaking sex workers to present their issues through art and performance and communicate sex workers issues and ideas.

This exhibition will include film, multi-media, interactive/online pieces, photography visual arts, installation and performances. APNSW would love to collect and curate the material and will produce original multi-media artwork that links the pieces together. Also we can try to webcast some of the performances and work to have interactive sessions with sex workers who are unable to attend the conference via webcam.

Anyone who already have metrials which you think will fit in this exhibition or anything you think should be included in it, please contact Dale at kongmont@gmail.com, skype: ckongmont or facebook: payu pinn [an activist beagle]. Also any suggestions & comments or other ideas would be welcome.