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The First SWAN Network Meeting Held in Budapest

On September 6-10, the first SWAN Network meeting was held in Budapest, Hungary. It was an opportunity for the SWAN Members to meet and get to know each other as well as to discuss the future of the Network. It was also a learning opportunity – part of the meeting was a seminar on working with media and advocacy for rights of sex workers. Participating were representatives of SWAN-member NGOs from 15 countries, as well as the technical coordinators of SWAN from the Hungarian Civil Liberty Union. Special guests were Rachel Thomas from the Sexual Health and Rights Program (SHARP) of the Open Society Institute in New York (www.soros.org), and Petra Timmermans, Coordinator of the International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe, an organization based in Amsterdam (ICRSE, www.sexworkeurope.org).

Impressions from the First SWAN Network Meeting

“The most useful and important experience for me was to meet other people, to get know each other. Beside that, the advices in working withy media on this specific sex work issues, made the training even more exciting.” – Marian Ursan, ARAS-APAC, SWAN Member from Romania.

“Personaly for me all presentations, dicussions, material about media was useful and important, because I had a chance to improve not only my knowledge but also general understanding of media role in advocacy. SWAN meetings being an international event, some cultural programme of the hosting country would be great in the future.” - Lina Verseckaite, I Can Live Coalition, SWAN Menber from Lithuania

“I learned new things and ideas for action regarding sex work and how could media deal with this issue. Some things were clarified and explained about the network and its role. The exchange with others was very useful, giving more insights and inspiration for further interventions.” - Genci Mucollari, Aksion Plus, SWAN Member from Albania

Declaration of the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe
One of the guests at the SWAN Network Meeting in Budapest was Petra Timmermans, Coordinator of the International Committee on the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe (ICRSE, www.sexworkeurope.org). The main goal of the Committee is to bring sex workers and their allies together on an international level so to further the social acceptance and respect for sex workers, to guarantee their civil rights, and to facilitate communication and advocacy against oppressive laws. Petra presented the Declaration of the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe, one of the cornerstone documents on human rights for sex workers, adopted by more then 200 delegates participating at the European Conference on Sex Work, Human Rights, Labour and Migration held 15 to 17 October in the building of the European Parliament in Brussels. More