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Serbia: JAZAS expands services for sex workers and opens new drop-in center

On October 8th, 2009, JAZAS, opened a new drop-in center for sex workers funded by the Global Fund called “Center for Support”. The center’s main activities are: the provision of legal advice by the law team; assistance by the social support team in obtaining documents necessary for getting ID, health insurance and social insurance; self-support activities for participants; and the development of promotional materials. HIV counseling and testing are also available at the center. Sex worker peer educators have been active in implementing all the activities and working with clients of the services. Their first hand experience has proved invaluable in promoting the center’s activities among sex workers. So far more than 300 services have been provided to more than 80 clients. The project’s goal is to reach 200 clients in its first year.

The center staff work closely with the JAZAS Educational Center, (JAZAS’ first drop-in center), the mobile medical unit and the outreach team in referring clients to institutions, health care centers and other organizations.

Starting in July 2010, JAZAS will combine both centers into one comprehensive drop-in center where sex workers will be able to use these various services every day.

JAZAS http://www.jazas.net/
Contact person: Stasa Plecas, ecjazas@gmail.com