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Slovakia: help us fundraise for sex workers’ programs

There has never been a time, when fundraising for sex work projects was easy. Nonetheless, at Odyseus, we always had a few donors, who accepted (and even preferred) to support proposals that included services for sex workers. Since Slovakia joined the European Union, and even more specifically the Euro Zone, the situation started to change rapidly. As a result of the financial crises, funding diminished and with it, so did support for projects for sex workers and even more so, for advocacy for sex workers’ rights. Nowadays, we have very few, if any, options for funding to even apply for.

That is our situation in Slovakia. The “Cerveny dazdnik” (Red Umbrella) Program is without funding since the beginning of 2010 and it seems, that there will still be no other options for funding to apply for later this year. Given this situation, we decided to try and fundraise at the 2010 AIDS Conference. We are selling T-shirts (and maybe also buttons and posters) with pictures from last year’s safer sex campaign, where sex workers served as role models. We hope to sell enough material to be able to cover the costs of this year’s campaign against violence against sex workers (December 17th). If we succeed in raising more money, all of it will be used for the sex workers program.

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