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SWAN and SWAN members will have a presence at all of the major parts of the IAC this year. SWAN will have a booth set up to distribute for free, display and sell items, videos, and SWAN community report “Arrest the Violence”. In addition, SWAN will be launching a fist part of a video game highlighting struggles and injustices that sex workers face on a regular basis and presenting a visualization of the “Arrest the Violence” report.

Come to the SWAN booth and have a talk with our “police officers” and bust the myths about sex work!

Visit human rights networking zone on July 19 to screen SWAN’s short films from Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine and Russia, with one general SWAN presentation.

Check out the Presentation area for SWAN member’s poster presentations!
Participate in the related discussion and presentations, such as poster presentation “Community of Learning” by SHARP/OSI (July 22, 2010) and a training "Best Practices in Documenting Human Rights Abuses" (2.30 – 6.00 pm, July 20, Mini Room 1).

For more sex work related events, please read the NSWP Roadmap to IAC here.