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Association of Hungarian Prostitutes: Facts and Figures

In a program financed by the European Social Fund and the Hungarian Government, fourteen sex workers graduated as marketing and advertising assistants/administrators and got a chance to reintegrate into the society. Twelve of them have already got new jobs.

In the framework of the project „Spotlight on the fundamental rights of prostitutes-educational program and legal advice service”, 20 sex workers took part in legal education seminars, where they were able to learn about their rights and responsibilities connected to sex work, in interaction with police and in the courts. The project, financed by the European Commission, provided free of charge legal advice to hundreds of sex workers.

Association’s project „Promotion of reintegration by education in social sphere” was pledged support in the framework of the HEFOP-2.2.1-06/1 program of the European Commission. This means that twenty sex workers will be educated and enabled in 2007 to assist their peers in their reintegration into the society.

In 2006 the Association approached Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány, appealing for an improvement in the work conditions for sex workers in Hungary. The Prime Minister appointed the Minister of Justice and Law Enforcement to carry on the dialogue between the Association and the Government.

Contact person: Beata Raboczki
Email: palyazz@yahoo.com 
About Association of Hungarian Prostitutes
Website: www.prostitualtak.hu