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Macedonia: VCCT week in Drop-in Center for sex workers, Laura Feer party

Different activities were carried out every day of the week in the Drop in Center for sex workers run by HOPS in Skopje. Among them a workshop where sex workers developed their own posters and messages for HIV prevention and testing; peer sessions; beauty workshop; quizzes on HIV knowledge; award for the most knowledgeable sex workers; and funny games which initiated discussions on HIV and testing.

The campaign ended with a party that started in the Center but then moved into a night bar where Laura Feer (see interview with her published in the SWAN News Number 11) led a drag-queen show. During the show Laura Feer promoted condom use, distributed condoms and lubricant to the audience, promoted the mobile VCCT van, the locations and time where it can be found. Around 30 sex workers, accompanied with their family members, friends, allies and supporters had a great fun.

This campaign targeting sex workers was a part of the bigger promotional campaign that targeted different groups with mobile outreach VCCT - such as drug users, LGBT/MSM and general youth. All groups were targeted with different and specific messages and events. The campaign was a joint project between HOPS, HERA, Trust, EGAL and Ministry of health, financially supported by GFATM.

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