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On opera, girl who has money, and being used by beer

With the sound of Dixieland music in the background, all the guests were et the entrance personaly greeted by the Bliss without Risk’s founder Hana Malinova. What followed was a medley of musical theatre and dance. For years, sex workers at Bliss without Risk had participated in creative theatre projects as a means of self-expression and fun, sometimes performing up to five times a year.

This anniversary show was extra special though.

First up, social workers, sex workers and guests danced together in national dress to a very popular song that went “I know a girl, she has money”. The song is from “The Bartered Bride”, an opera by the world-known Czech musician Bedrich Smetana, who in 1884 died tragically of syphilis.

Next, sex workers and social workers performed a song from the play “Little Glazier”, a fairy tale about having a weakness for beer. There was much laughter at the line: “It is not my fault! Beer used me so much!”

Following that, the troupe of Bliss without Risk performers put metallic highlights in their hair and sang their very own Bliss without Risk song written by Hana Malinova with Vladimri Pecka, to boogie music:

“When you want young and pretty, pay!
It is not a laugh!
Young girls looking for love,
Love to count a man’s wrinkles.
So, pay or go back to your wife.”
“Would you like to have it a little bit another way?
Tell me openly what you want and cut the blah-blah:
The whip, boots or feather on the backside?
Underwear for souvenir?
And if you give me a car, you can even spank me.”

Hana, who holds a Ph.D. in sociology, assures: “These lyrics were based on actual real sociological research in which sex workers said about preferences of their clients, why they pay for sex: first was that they want young and pretty woman; second they want special offer like oral sex, fetish services.”

As for the last song performed that day, it is more of a complaint of a tired sex worker looking for customers, entitled „One before the Last Cigarette”.

It goes like this:

“It’s time to pick somebody up
who will buy me a hotdog or pay me a drink.
I’ve been walking the street for almost 20 years,
how is that I make less and less money?”