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Police violence: Policemen in Paris found guilty of gang raping Albanian sex workers

September 7, 2007
Raped prostitutes: A police officer accuses his higher-ups
"We went about it with joy and good humor" recounts one of the seven police officers on trial in Paris of "of aggravated gang rape". "It was known and tolerated by the hierarchy", he affirmed.
A few hours before the beginning of his trial of Friday, September 7, in front of a Paris courtroom, one of the seven CRS officers on trial for rape pointed the finger at his higher-ups, who, according to him, tolerated their actions.

"We went about it with joy and good humor, if you will, we played on the fact that we were police officers, we negotiated prices by saying: How much is it for the police? Where do you come from? What is your age?" the ex-police officer, accused with his colleagues of having abused his authority to rape prostitutes, told the Europe-1 channel.

"Maybe (the prostitutes) did not realize that we were joking. But for us, it was in a joking spirit", he declared. "Most of the time, we were under the effect of alcohol, under the effect of the group. It was known about and tolerated by the hierarchy", he affirmed.
Beginning of the Trial
The case was opened in May 2003 when two young Albanians working on boulevard des Maréchaux in Paris told an association that supports prostitutes, "l'Amicale du Nid", that they were raped by numerous police officers. The investigation, begun in 2003, found 11 rapes implicating 7 officers of the 7th Company of the CRS to have occurred.

In the night of April 8th and 9th, 2003, three police officers stopped their vehicle, which belonged to the girlfriend of one of the officers, in front of 2 young prostitutes on Boulevard Ney. The three men demanded the women's identity papers before making them get in the vehicle under the pretext of checking their papers. Instead, of going to the police station of the XVIIIe borough, they drove the women to a vacant lot where they are alleged to have forced the women to have sex.

Having managed to get away from the police, the two young women made their way back to Clignancourt before denouncing the incident to the association and giving the license plate number of the car.

One Victim Present

Romaric Leclercq, Yohann Mahé and Cyril Dussart were held for six months in pre-trial detention between December 2003 and June 2004 and were fired from the national police. The other officers received a temporary suspension from the police force.

One of their victims, a 28-year-old Albanian women, deported from France in 2004 and the only victim testifying, was present at the opening of the trial.

Since these incidents, the 7th Police Company of Deuil-la-Barre has been in the news again, a number of its officers are under investigation for allegations of extorting taxi drivers.

Europehorizon, France
Sept. 17, 2007
Police Found Guilty of Raping Foreign Prostitutes in Paris
Out of the seven charged policemen, three were given sentences of seven years in jail for rape; two were given prison sentences for being complicit and two were acquitted. Irini, one of the attacked Albanian sex workers, testified at the trial of the terror she felt during the rape: "I felt like an object, I had never felt that way before." She was given an apology and awarded 12 000 Euros for moral damages.

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