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’Kill hooker’ facebook site removed

The Daily Telegraph, Australia
12 February 2010 – A catholic school student was disciplined for setting up a Facebook page that appeared to advocate killing prostitutes. The page titled "Killing your hooker so you don't have to pay her", has been removed by Facebook but not before almost 18,000 people joined it.

"The student told us, of course, he didn't believe what was on there and he did something stupid.” – said the principal of St Laurence's College in Queensland, Ian McDonald. Mr McDonald said students did not have access to Facebook at the school.
Elena Jeffreys, president of the Australian Sex Workers Association, was one of dozens of people to complain to Facebook. She condemned the site for inciting violence against prostitutes. The 18,000 members of the Facebook group included a handful of people claiming to be sex workers who had joined the group while it was still live in order to voice their disapproval.
"As a hooker, I wish I could find this site funny," one person posted. "It's about as funny as black people being hung from trees, Jewish people burning in ovens and kids being raped. Not funny in this society!"
Other pages that appear to advocate violence against prostitutes are currently live on Facebook. Many of them are linked to the computer game Grand Theft Auto, in which players can run over prostitutes in cars.