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Prostitution – Beyond the Myth

“It is a great honor to be invited to share a bit of prostitution history with SWAN. I love the newsletter and look forward to exchanging information and working together in creating a better future for all workers in the sex industry.”
- Robin Few

Sex workers exist everywhere, in all societies and in all cultures; we are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and straight. We come to sex work for a variety of reasons from economic necessity to curiosity. Sex workers come from varying socio-economic experiences and our educational experience can be marginal to advanced. Some have ‘straight jobs’, and only occasionally exchange sex for money, housing or other considerations. Still others consider sex work our trade. Sex work itself can be legal, quasi-legal or illegal, as in prostitution, which is either regulated or controlled by some governments or completely prohibited by others. Regardless of where sex workers practice our trade, our work is always a stigmatized occupation.