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New Project for Sex Workers in Altay_ru

Siberian Initiative from Barnaul in Russia started a new HIV/AIDS prevention project in the Altay Republic.

Its main objectives are provision of access to professional health services and testing, distribution of information about and promotion of lower-risk behaviour, and establishment of a self-support group of HIV-positive sex workers.  This is the first time ever for such activities to be organized in the Altay region.  Sex industry is particular for the republic due to its well-developed tourism.  If successful, the project might be a model for similar initiatives in smaller towns and villages in Russia.  So far, similar work has been done only in bigger regions and cities in this country.

About Siberian Initiative

Contact person: Starostenko Alexey, Siberian Initiative, Russia
E-mail: sibin@alt.ru
Website: http://www.sibin.ru