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Association PROI/ Udruženje PROI

Association PROI/ Udruženje PROI
Контактное лицо
Belma Lepir-Cviko
Электронная почта
Контактное лицо: 
Belma Lepir-Cviko

Main values and projects, number of staff and volunteers, geographical scope:
Main values are that we support, promote and advocate for an integrated approach in the area of drugs, HIV, public health and social exclusion, following the principles of humanism, gender equality, tolerance, partnership and respect for human rights and freedom.

Main programs/projects:
1. “Increase of an efficient HIV prevention Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria coverage and care of high risk population (Round 9)
2. Strengthening of cooperation between CSOs and police in protection of human rights of socially marginalised categories, Embassy of the Netherlands in Sarajevo „MATRA“,
3. “Bio – behavioural research on prevalence of HIV and sexual behaviour amongst sex workers in BiH“, Public Health Institute of FBIH in cooperation with UNDP

Main work in connection to sex work:
Provision of services such as distribution of sanitary kits: sanitary napkins, tampons, wipes, disinfectant gel, various informative educational materials for prevention of HIV and sexually transmitted infections; distributing condoms and lubricants. Beside distribution we organize education regarding prevention HIV and AIDS, hepatitis B and C and other sexually and blood-borne infections. The education is realized by the POL method through which the educated sex workers educate other sex workers and through PDI model (peer driven intervention) which is used for recruitment of new SW members and education about HIV and STI. We provide motivational conversations for voluntary and confidential counseling and HIV testing; consultations and counseling about sexually-reproductive health; counseling and mediation for other services, non-governmental organizations and institutions. Furthermore we are working on prevention of GBV and advocacy for their human rights.

How does our organization involve sex workers?
We engage sex workers are in creating campaigns for December 17th every year, because we want their voice to be heard. But December 17th is not only day of their activism. Each document, survey, focus group or even some services we try to make, we always engage them and them for their opinion. Before advocating for their human rights among police officers (trainings for police officers regarding protection of SW human rights during police interventions), we organized focus groups for SWs to see if they had any bad experiences with the police during police interventions. We have network of SWs POL (popular opinion leaders) who provide educative trainings to other SWs. We always engage them in our project for SWs.