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On topic of (im)morality

Zerkalo Nedeli, Ukraine
Statement of the National Expert Commission on public morals and All-Ukrainian Council of Churches address NGOs, GOs and citizens of Ukraine
Ukraine, January, 2009 – The more challenging life becomes, the better jokes it plays on us… In December 2008, the National Expert Commission on public morals signed a memorandum on cooperation with the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and religious organizations. He participants issues a joint address to state and non-governmental organizations and Ukrainian citizens with a call change the situation with morals in their country. The document starts with: "The analysis shows that morals in Ukrainian society are in a really poor state in comparison to the existing examples of morals in human civilization.” The question is what examples of “human civilization” do they refer to? The norms of Victorian England of last century? Or the norms of Antique Greece or Rome? Read the whole article in Russian here.

Kenyan male sex workers serve “politicians and religious leaders”

Behind The Mask (a website magazine on lesbian and gay affairs in africa)
Kenya, January 26, 2009 - „Our clients are politicians, businessmen, religious leaders – I'm very sorry to say – but it’s true,” – says a 24 Brian, who lives in Mombasa, the second largest city in Kenya. He is a male sex worker, who caters only for male clients and his willing to talk about his lifestyle and line of work.

The Plight of China’s Xiaojies (Sex Workers)

Crossroads (A Review of Corporate Social Responsibility in China)
China, March 4, 2009 – English translation of China Newsweek Magazine interview with Professor Zhao Jun about the abuse and homicide of Chinese sex workers.

Sex workers in the recession
London, February 6, 2009 – the article speculate about the supply of high end call girls during economic crisis and quotes some articles written earlier.

Sex Workers Getting F*cked by Limp Economy

(by David Henry Sterry)
The Huffington Post, Opinion Column
United States, March 14, 2009 - (….) Sex workers have been hit below the belt, and they've been hit hard. High-end and low-end, all of my ho, hooker, callgirl and rentboy friends are suffering. And since they work in an industry that's stuck in the era of Prohibition, they are not entitled to any of the protection normal citizens take for granted, like unemployment benefits, severance payments when they lose their jobs, and health care.

Griselidis Real - Virtuoso writer and 'revolutionary whore'

The Independent, UK

Tuesday, 7 June 2005

It sounds like a pseudonym. But Grisélidis Réal was the real name of a unique woman who was a highly talented writer and also a revolutionary prostitute. Ironically, her first name is that of Boccaccio's long- suffering victim of a brutal husband, the "Patient Griselda" of his last story in The Decameron. She became a universal symbol for marital fidelity, which was certainly not the outstanding virtue in Grisélidis Réal's agitated existence.

Grisélidis Réal, writer, courtesan and social worker: born Lausanne, Switzerland 11 August 1929; married (children); died Geneva 31 May 2005.

Albania: Media campaign, round table and newsletter for sex workers

Sex workers in Albania are exposed to violence, are not protected by the law and do not have access to public health – this was the theme of this year’s December 17 campaign organized by Aksion Plus, SWAN member from Albania.  The campaign had three target audiences: general population, sex workers, and decision makers.

Czech Republic: Media campaign, sex workers’ party, New York Times article

Bliss Without Risk (Rozkos bez Rizika), SWAN member from Czech Republic organized a number of activities in December 2008 targeting general population and sex workers. Among them were press conference, an open day event, party for sex workers, and distribution of materials by an outreach vehicle.

Ukraine: Media campaign

UHRA, SWAN member from Ukraine organized a media campaign and press conference to mark the campaign. "We do not demand special rights for sex workers. We demand provision of basic constitutional rights and freedoms and an end to violence," said Irina Mishina of UHRA.

Serbia-Macedonia-Albania: Cross-border December 17 media reporting

December 17 campaign sparked media interest in the situation sex workers experience in other countries in the region. Several Serbian media noted the red umbrella march and exhibition in Skopje and commented on forced STI testing action in November.  Macedonian media on their side reported about issues sex workers face in Albania.


To Serve and Protect. How Police, Sex Workers and People Who Use Drugs are Joining Forces to Prevent HIV

Prepared by the Open Society Foundations

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