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By Aliya on Jun 22nd, 2009

May 23, Australia -- In a lead up to its major Fundraising campaign, the Salvation Army of New South Wales Australia, launched an offensive add on May 22nd 2009. It read: "To get Rick out of prostitution, we had to resort to smuggling. This is the door that saved his life. When Rick left a message on a computer screen inside our Oasis van we had to act fast. Disguised as a client, we picked him up, took him to the airport and flew him interstate to one of our rehab centres, miles away from the heroin and hustling…”

By Aliya on Jun 19th, 2009

May 18, 2009, Vancouver -- In Canada, Protitution Alternatives Councelling and Education society will offer sex workers training sessions o how to deal with the media and reporters during the 2010 Olympics.

By Aliya on Jun 19th, 2009

May 22, 2009, Vancouver -- An organization in Canada looks to the Swedish model of criminalizing clients in order to keep women from becoming prostitutes during the 2010 Olympics.

By Aliya on Jun 19th, 2009

May 01, 2009 -- Women's groups in Kenya have started a week-long "sex strike", in an attempt to press the country's leaders to resolve rifts and work together.
Ten non-governmental organisations urged women across the nation to boycott sex with their husbands and partners along with a statement calling for reforms in government and action on promoting women's rights.

By Aliya on Jun 19th, 2009

30 Apr 2009, CHENNAI -- Leading up to the end of the country-wide elections, sex workers in India publicly called for policies and measures to make their situations better.

By Aliya on Jun 19th, 2009

April 4, 2009, Accra -- Here is a quick look at some issues facing sex wokers in Ghana.

By Aliya on Jun 18th, 2009

March 31, 2009, London - The UK has recently passed the Policing and Crime bill which allows the state to seize property of a sex worker, even if there is no conviction, and makes ‘keeping a brothel used for prostitution’ a criminal offence. There are many other unintended evils for sex workers associated with this bill and why the sex workers rallied in London.

By Aliya on Jun 18th, 2009

25 May, 2009, Bangkok -- Members of Thailands transgendered community speak out about what it policies would make their lives as people and sex workers easier.

By Aliya on Jun 18th, 2009

May 20, 2009, Saratov -- A Russian police officer lost his position after being exposed for accepting bribes from a pimp. Read more in Russian..

By Aliya on Jun 18th, 2009

May 25, 2009 -- Thai sex workers have found a creative way to fundraise to send members to the 12th National Seminar on Aids, after the government cut funding.

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