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Founding Principles

Principles for SWAN Network by the Central and Eastern European Harm Reduction Network

  1. We understand sex work as the unforced sale of sexual services for money or goods between consenting adults. Sex work includes street prostitution, escort services, telephone sex services, pornography, exotic dancing and others.
  2. Sex workers are human beings who have the same human rights as any other people. Sex workers should have the same rights and responsibilities as all other workers, and as every other citizen and resident.
  3. Protection of the rights of sex workers is crucial for effective harm reduction, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B and others STIs prevention and treatment efforts at all levels - individual, community and national. To ensure protection of these rights, sex workers should be able to work legally.
  4. Barriers preventing access to health, social, and drug treatment services need to be removed to improve the health and social well being of sex workers.
  5. Activities related to sex work between consenting adults should be decriminalized. All national criminal laws relating to adult prostitution should be repealed. All regional and local regulations targeting sex workers to prosecute the practice of their trade should be repealed.
  6. Sex workers and other community members should have an active role in designing commercial regulations of the sex trade.
  7. Targeted, pragmatic, and comprehensive social programs must be developed in consultation with sex workers and implemented to improve relations between the police and sex workers as well as between sex workers in the community at large.
  8. Targeted, pragmatic, and comprehensive social programs must be developed and implemented with the involvement of sex workers to raise awareness about safer sex, safer drug use, and HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and support.
CEEHRN Principles shall be considered as a starting point to SWAN activities. SWAN Statement of Principles will be developed by the network members at their first meeting.

SWAN Contact Person: Aliya Rakhmetova
Email: sexwork@tasz.hu