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By Guest on Sep 28th, 2009

September 3, 2009, Budapest -- The Association of Hungarian Prostitutes (MPEE), a member of SWAN in Hungary held a press conference to highlight the results of a recent survey on the opinion of mainstream population about prostitution in Hungary.

By Aliya on Jun 22nd, 2009

April 30, 2009, Budapest -- Prostitution has already been legal in Hungary for 10 years and it might still be legal while not such bright future awaits the clients. Anti-trafficking organizations in Hungary are pushing for the introduction of Swedish type of legislation, according to which the client commits a crime when buying sexual services from a prostitute.

By Aliya on May 21st, 2007
By adam on Jul 31st, 2006

Prostitutes working in the southern Hungarian city of Pécs and its surroundings have recently been subjected to tax audits by the Hungarian Tax Authority (APEH). Sex workers were first monitored by the police; data collected about their activities were handed to the APEH, which then started audit. One sex worker sued the APEH.

By idoru on Apr 14th, 2006

 The Hungarian Prostitutes’ Interest Protection Association (SZEXE) was founded in 2000, soon after prostitution became legal in Hungary. The NGO started to work first as an interest representation of women sex workers at disadvantage, and in 2002, homo- and transsexual sex workers joined also the association. SZEXE aims at protecting sex workers’ rights and helping sex workers willing to quit to spend as little time in prostitution as possible. In order to achieve these aims, SZEXE runs a free legal aid service and a 24-hours hot-line, provides assistance and counselling in health and social issues, promotes safer sex, implements training projects for unqualified sex workers and advocates for respect for sex workers’ rights. Recently, SZEXE (with state support and cooperation) started to operate a mobile HIV & STI testing unit. More

Contact: Boglarka Fedorko
E-mail: info@prostitualtak.hu and mpeeandras@gmail.com
Website: www.prostitualtak.hu

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