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By yigit on Nov 20th, 2018

Between 23rd and 27th July 2018, more than 120 sex workers from more than 25 countries attended the 22nd International AIDS Conference (AIDS2018) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The bi-annual International AIDS Conferences are the largest global gathering of HIV academics, implementers, policy makers, people living with HIV and those most affected by HIV, including sex workers.

By ekaterina on Apr 26th, 2018

SWAN is proud to present its Annual Reports for the years 2016 and 2017. The Annual Reports highlight the activities and achievements of SWAN in 2016 and 2017. These activities include capacity building and community mobilization activities, advocacy tools and opportunities, regional projects and initiatives as well as a glimpse in SWAN major internal processes.

By admin on May 2nd, 2013

February - March 2013, Macedonian civil society organizations submitted two shadow reports to the 54-th CEDAW session, one of which reflected the issues of human rights violations of sex workers.

By Natasha Boshkova, Coalition for Sexual and Health Rights of Marginalized Communities Skopje

By admin on Dec 21st, 2011

Individuals and groups from the CEE/CA, as well as other regions,were invited to submit testimony about the impact of different laws and HIV. SWAN submitted a submission that tried to include experiences from all across the region. Many other SWAN groups individually submitted such as HOPS (Macedonia), Lega-Life (Ukraine) and HESED (Bulgaria).

In the end, Odyseus (Slovakia), SZEXE (Hungary), TAIS PLUS (Kyrgyzstan), Association for Assistance (Russia) and SWAN were accepted to present in front of the commissioners at a regional meeting in Moldova in May, 2011.

With the generous help of the Open Society Foundation, presenters from the various groups including Katerina Jiresova, Irina Maslova, Gulnara Kurmanova, Mariann Bodzsar, Stasa Plecas from Serbia who was representing SWAN and Aliya and Anna-Louise from the SWAN network met in Chisinau, Moldova to strategize.

The group decided that the strongest strategy was to brainstorm 4 key issues as they affected groups across the region and to present as a block. One person per issue and one person to summarize and spell out the recommended actions groups were calling on the Commission to endorse.

Read the statement in English

Read the statement in Russian

By admin on Dec 14th, 2011

SWAN-Sex Workers’ Rights Advocacy Network in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Rights groups: Rights Not Violence for Sex Workers

December 17, Budapest– December 17th is International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers. This event was created to call attention to violence committed against sex workers all over the globe.

Sex workers’ rights groups and their allies in Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine are marking the occasion as part of a joint campaign with SWAN – the Sex Workers’ Rights Advocacy Network of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia - a network representing 19 organizations providing health and social services in 17 countries in the region. Actions across different countries will include marches of sex workers and allies, meetings with politicians and press conferences.

By Aliya on Dec 17th, 2010

... "In 2010, the State, for the first time, legally recognized the existence of sex workers in Ukraine and cemented this fact in the domestic legislation. In particular, the Order № 3123/275/770 “On approval of standards for the provision of social services to representatives of risk groups”, which establishes the definition of “persons in sex business”, was signed by three ministers and the profile is registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. On November 1, this binding for all authorities of the legal act entered into force."...

Read whole Press-release in English here.

By Aliya on Dec 17th, 2010

"By Us to Us"
Read a new issue of STAR newsletter dedicated to December 17 in Macedonian. PDF is available here.

By Aliya on Dec 17th, 2010

(also available in PDF here)

Budapest, Hungary, December 17, 2010

On December 17, organizations and groups supporting human rights for sex workers will hold various events to bring public attention to the issues of violence and injustice towards sex workers and their families in Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine.

By olga on Nov 5th, 2010
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