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Non-violent protest

I have just read your text titled "What is advocacy? Part3".
In this connection, I suggest that we may pay more attention to one of Gandhiji's major source of inspiration: Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy(1828-1910). This year the 100th anniversary of his death is being observed. The sex workers of Russia may take a special initiative in this context. There are many dimensions in the life and teachings of Lev Nikolaevich. For instance,one gets a fresh perspective on his level-headed views about human sexuality from Maksim Gorky's Vospominaniya o L've Nikolaeviche Tolstom (Petrograd: Grezhbin 1919; English translation: New York: B. W. Huebsch 1920). For the contemporary relevance of his views on non-violence I recomend: Alexandre Christoyannopoulos, Leo Tolstoy and the "War on Terror": A Radical Christian Response to Violence . I and my wife have translated these 2 texts into our mother tongue: Bengali. If you take up Tolstoy we can give you any necessary help, free of cost, online.


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