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what is real justice for sexworkers, when police fail them?

Its all fair and good to read about sexworkers projects in how to handle intereviews with the press or have a sexworkers project watch ones back. Yet what about when sexworkers project staff use the sexworker to premote thier on agenda and leaves the sexworker unprotected, then trying to get legal justice over rapes and attacks by ones cleints, yet find out the projects funding by local or national government funding. Then have the police on thier pay role and so, do NOT get legal justice for the sexworker over each rape and attack , over a peroid 7 yrs. What then, one cannot just go to a lawyer to sue the sexworkers project or the police, so how is one able to live with all the injustice. at www.freewebs.com/sos , deos try to get the truth out and on www.freewebs.com/realjusticeuk , helps to stop the lies blinding ones mind and to get justice, no matter of ones back ground and life or work.


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