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Attacks against transgender women continue in Turkey

Transgender woman stabbed in her heart lost her life in Haramidere, Avcilar-Istanbul on December 2, 2015.

Alev, a transgender woman was stabbed in her heart by a man who approached her as a client in the street where she was working, Pembe Hayat reports.

Alev, who was a mother of one child, and whose occupation was sex worker in Avcilar district of Istanbul lost her life after transphobic hate crime committed this evening in Haramidere. The murderer hasn't been captured by the police at the moment of this publication. Her friends were at the police station waiting for police chief to give a proper explanation.

Police called on a couple of her friends for further investigation. Transgender activists from Istanbul also arrived to the police station to prevent a possible litigation or ill-treatment by police officers against Alev's friends.

Avcilar was under attention of activists and media for some time ever since the inception of Meis Site Lynch campaign against transgender women living there. The neighbours and outsiders had fire and gunshot attacks on several apartments, where transgender women were residing in 2012. The court litigation is still in the process.

Alev is the fourth trans person murdered in Turkey as a result of transphobic hate crime in 2015.

                                       SWAN joins Pembe Hayat in expressing condolences and solidarity to the trans community.