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Bulgaria: Public debate on legalization of prostitution underway; Sex workers’ rights group to be established soon

Drafting of a new law on prostitution is underway in Bulgaria and the first version of the law is to be released soon. It is expected to legalize prostitution, define the sites where sex workers can work, and spell out all the requirements as regards working in sex-industry. It is speculated that either there would be the "tolerance zones" or the whole prostitution could be pushed indoor. More

A working group in Bulgaria started the development of a draft bill for prostitution in February this year, upon initiative by the country’s Ministry of Interior. The group includes representatives of the Ministry of Interior, the National Board for Tourism, the Parliament, Ministry of Justice, Prosecutor in Chief’s office, Supreme Court Council, Ministry of Healthcare, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, State Agency for Tourism.

On February 23 this year, the "Capital" weekly published an article entitled "Job: Sex worker", about the expected legalization. The article included the official position of HESED, SWAN member from Bulgaria, presented by Violeta Kandjikova. It also included opinions from other NGOs active in the field, as well as of several sex workers.

In the meantime, a group of Bulgarian sex workers started working on establishment and registration of an organization that will protect sex workers’ rights.

Contact person: Angelina Georgieva, HESED, Bulgaria
E-mail: prohealth@hesed.bg
Website: http://www.hesed.bg