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Bulgaria: Sex workers protest against police actions

SOFIA, August 31, 2011 - Sex worker in Sofia protest current situation with sex work and police attitudes. Below is the news report from the Ring Road (in Bulgaria).

Translation of text coverage at http://tv7.bg/bodilnik/news/900052.html :

"Profession "prostitute"?

Women who work as prostitutes said they will now go before Parliament and protest to protect their rights. What provoked them and should prostitution be legalized - See first-person answers.

Prostitutes with whom the journalist talked to are adamant that "the occupation" will have to be legitimated as such before the law. Most of them are not ready to face the camera.

One of the girls that asked for anonymity, believes that she and her colleagues are not criminals and should not be treated as such by the police. It is of the opinion that prostitution should be legalized and they are ready to pay taxes like in any other job. "