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December 17 - Macedonia: address of sex worker

A video address of a Macedonian sex worker on December 17.

17 December, stop the violence against sex workers, a day when in Macedonia and in a other countries a red umbrellas marches are organized. The first march was held in Venice in 2001 and trademark of the march were red umbrellas which was sending a powerful message, umbrella as a protection, and red colure as a power.
In Macedonia sex workers don’t have their rights, they are forced to silence and they don’t report cases of violence because the police itself don’t offer protection to sex workers. There are also cases where police is abusing sex workers. If you go to the police and report the violence, whether it is mental, physical or rape, police treat sex workers as criminals, as you are the one who did something evil, because in Macedonia sex work is not accepted. The problem is not only with the police, we also have problems with the clients, pimps or with partners. So, we are fighting to stop violence against sex workers. We as sex workers are fighting for our rights, right to work and right to have health insurance. We want a society without stigma and without violence against sex workers.