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Humanitarian Action, Russia

People living with HIV/AIDS, street children and teenagers, substance abusers and sex workers – these are the disadvantaged groups that the Humanitarian Action has been successfully working with since 2001. The organization aims to reduce the pace of spread of HIV/AIDS, and assist those in need in access to health services, legal, social and psychological help, and in their integration into the mainstream society.

The St. Petersburg-based organization partners with NGOs, government and public health institutions so to provide the targeted communities with maximally simplified service access. It appreciates freedom of choice of lifestyle and includes the target groups’ representatives into the program management.

Humanitarian Action’s work is developed in three main directions:

  • HIV/AIDS/STI prevention;
  • Protection of human rights of vulnerable groups, and assistance to their access to medical, legal, social and psychological help; and
  • Advocacy and education of governmental and nongovernmental organizations on how to work with vulnerable groups.

Organization’s main programs are “Children of St. Petersburg Streets”, “HIV/AIDS Prevention Among Substance Abusers”, “HIV/AIDS Prevention Among Female Sex Workers”, “HIV/AIDS and Other Socially Significant Diseases Prevention Center”(in cooperation with a City Quarantine Hospital), and “The Educational Center”.

In the framework of “HIV/AIDS Prevention Among Sex Workers in St. Petersburg”, the Foundation in 2005 coordinated founding of a coalition to promote the interests and rights of sex workers. It also runs mobile medical unit, which provides testing, counseling, prevention and treatment to sex workers.

Humanitarian Action was one of the organizers of the international conference “HIV/AIDS and Human Rights” in St. Petersburg in 2005.  It took part in the training seminar “Organization and Implementation of Prevention Programs among SW in the Regions”, with participation of sex workers.

The future plans include expanding the range of services, enhancing the legal work, enlarging the network of “trusted doctors”, and expansion of cooperation with legislative, executive and law-enforcement bodies.

The organization got numerous international awards, among them the 2005 Human Rights Watch Award for active participation in the fight against HIV/AIDS and human rights advocacy.  Its donors include OHI, OSI, UNFPA, CSPI, AFEW, UNICEF, and DSI.

Contact person: Irina Maslova
Email: club.silver.rose@gmail.com
Website: www.humanitarianaction.org