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International Sex Worker Day in Slovakia

International Sex Worker Day (2nd June) is the memorable day since 1975, when more than 100 people working in the sex industry occupied the church of Saint-Nizier in Lyon to point to discrimination and violations of their rights.

The history of this day dates back to the early 70s when the French police sanctions forced women working in the sex-industry to operate increasingly in secret. The result was that the protection from the public disappeared and violence was often used towards them. After two murders and the reluctance of the government to improve the situation of sex workers, these people started to occupy one of the local churches Saint-Nizier in Lyon on the Brest street and began to strike. After eight days, the church was evacuated by police. This event is considered the beginning of the movement of sex workers in the fight for their rights.

Civic association Odyseus addresses sex workers in Bratislava by the Red umbrella program. “As a part of the campaign, the project "End of violence, time for rights" notifies public on violence against women working in the sex industry and strives to contribute to the violence against these women was not tolerated by society,” says Red Umbrella program coordinator Olívia Strelková.

In the video campaign, a comedian Eva Kramer, also known as Evelyn, played a woman working in the sex-business. "Evelyn has brought moment of surprise to our video - most people expect from videos, in which she plays, her idiomatic humor, but after a while of watching of our video they come to awakening in the form of naming everyday problems of women working in the sex industry," says Strelková. A video was viewed by over 10,500 people during the month of May. The campaign is initiated to contribute to the public debate on this taboo subject.

"To this date we have prepared an event for clients in the field, where we will also talk about what the rights of women working in the sex industry are, and how to defend effectively against violence and discrimination," adds Strelková.

You can support campaign of the project End of violence, time for rights by

•sharing the video through social networks,

•changing your cover photo in social networks to "I don't walk away from problems"

•direct support of activities of Red Umbrella program. For more information visit the Odyseus website (the information is in Slovak).

The project is implemented in partnership with the SWAN organization (Sex Workers Rights Advocacy Network).