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Kyrgyzstan: public hearings on bill to penalize sex work (Osh city)

AKI Press - November 26, in the framework of "Stop the criminalization of sex workers in Kyrgyzstan" campaign public hearings took place in the City of Osh.
The director of public fund "Podruga" Nadezhda Sharonova reported that the main purpose of these public hearings is to attract attention of decision-makers, to the problem of illegal repression by the police against sex workers.

October 17, it was reported that the Ministry of Interior is proposing to introduce administrative responsibility for prostitution in Kyrgyzstan. As it is written in the report, a draft law "On amendments to the Code of the Kyrgyz Republic on administrative responsibility" has already been drafted and will soon be submitted to Parliament.

"In the near future, we could lose all the progress that has been achieved in the country during the last 10 years. According to a recent UNGASS report, HIV prevalence among sex workers was 3.5%, ie less than 5% barrier. Until 2010, the HIV prevalence in sex workers did not exceed 2%, "- said N.Sharonova.

N.Sharonova also noted that the introduction of administrative responsibility will seriously worsen already complicated situation with the rights of sex workers in the country. HIV prevention, care and support for HIV will be very difficult, because sex workers will be forced into hiding, and the outreach workers of organizations providing prevention, will not be able to find people.

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