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Kyrgyzstan: sex workers to face a new law on prostitution

by Tais Plus team

Dear friends and colleagues,

Ministry of internal affairs (MIA) in Kyrgyzstan announced about new initiative to criminalize sex workers by administrative regulation. Currently sex work in our country is decriminalized. On 17th of October main informational portals posted this news.

Posts in Russian:
Post in English:

Tais Plus and partner organizations – other community-based NGOs and rights defenders are going to start the campaign against this initiative.

Up to date it is known that MIA prepared the project of the law “On amendments to the Administrative Code of the Kyrgyz Republic”. The justification to these amendments says that prostitution is antisocial fact which directly link with spread of STI, including HIV as well as prostitution allow spreading of drug addiction and alcoholism. Moreover it is said that it is a phenomenon associated with organized crime. The punishment could be fine and even 30 days arrest. In the new future this project of the law will be transferred to the Parliament.

Nor MIA, neither official site of Government of Kyrgyzstan posted this new law project on their web-sites.

Main activities are planned to implement:
- To conduct public hearings in all regions of the country with participation of sex workers, their allies and main stakeholders from governmental sector
- To use the tribune of the in-country consultation meeting devoted to preparation to Regional Consultation on HIV and Sex Work (5-6 of November 2012)
- Sex workers will develop and sign the petition addressed personы making decision in MIA, Parliament, Ombudsman Office, etc
- To present and disseminate the report on sex workers' human rights violation which is currently under development

We call all our friends and allies to support us to stop this attempt of criminalization of sex work in Kyrgyzstan. Your ideas how to stop this attempt are highly appreciated.

In solidarity,

Tais Plus team, e-mail: taisplus@gmail.com