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Press conference about the decriminalisation of sex work in Ukraine

All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization «LEGALIFE-UKRAINE» from Kirovograd held a press conference on 4th of October 2016 on the topic of "The positive and negative sides of decriminalising prostitution in Ukraine".


Nataliia Isaieva, the head of the All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization "LEGALIFE-Ukraine", Elena Fiskova, Chairman of the Board, and Yevgeniy Krapivin, a lawyer, an expert from UMDPLAssociation, were talking about the current state and about the bill on decriminalisation of sex work in Ukraine. The participants described the current legislation around sex work in the country and how it is implemented in the reality. They emphasized that in order to reach better statistics' indicators the police is creating fake criminal and administrative cases against sex workers. 

The audience was very interested about how the proposed decriminalisation will materialize and whether sex workers will pay taxes just like any other worker. Natalia explained that decriminalisation will be the first step as the country is not ready for immediate legalisation.

"Instead of criminalising sex workers, who are working to feed their children, why don't we criminalise the state for not providing us the possibility to have a decent life?"- added Natalia.