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Slovakia: address of a sex worker

On International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers, Sandra from Slovakia, sends a message to the fellow sex workers and the public:

Sandra: Hi, I am Sandra and I have been working as a street based sex worker for 18 years.

- Hi Sandra. Why is 17th December important to you?

Sandra: This day is very important for me, because it’s a day when people all over the world remember the victims murdered in the sex work. And also it is a day when we can fight for our rights that are so often being violated .

- And what would you say to people who work as sex workers about this day?

Sandra: I would like to remind everyone, that they are not alone in this, that we are all here together. And that as long as we speak loudly about this and fight for sex work together worldwide, we can achieve something.

- And what would you say to the public about this day?

Sandra: To the public I would like to say, that I feel like a professional and an expert in providing payed sexual services and that they simply should not judge us for choosing this kind of work.