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SWAN presents the new Community of Learning website

SWAN is glad to present the new Community of Learning website: www.sexworkersrightscommunity.org. Community of Learning is a library/repository of knowledge, information and resources on successful advocacy tactics to defend sex workers' rights.

The website contains:

  • Documentation tools and examples of questionnaires;
  • Sample Open Letters and Letter Campaigns;
  • Manuals on Advocacy;
  • Country Reports;
  • Guides for Media Sensitization, Police Sensitization etc.

SWAN will continuously be updating the website with new resources, so please check it regularly. We also encourage all individual activists, groups and organizations to share their own advocacy materials and other relevant documents with us so that we can upload them on the website too.

For now, the website has resources in English and Russian, but we are happy to receive important documents in any other language.

We hope that this new website will become a useful tool in the advancement of sex workers’ rights.