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SZEXE Took Part in an NGO Festival

Association of Hungarian Sex Workers SZEXE participated in the Norwegian Pattern Festival "Face to Face NGOs" that took place on June 26-27 in Budapest.

There were about eighty organizations representing a wide range of activities at the festival. The organizer of the festival is the EEA/Norway Grants NGO Fund that supports a number of NGOs in Hungary.

SZEXE brought their photo exhibition about sex workers in Hungary to the festival, and they also participated in the "Living Library" cafe. The concept of the latter is that the participants (sex worker, homeless, Roma, homosexual etc.) are "books" that approach the "readers" who show they are open to a discussion with anyone without knowing their identity at first. Then the conversation starts, and the “human book” may reveal his or her identity at any moment, but it depends on both sides. The conversation lasts until one of them says: “Thank you for talking to me”. The conversation partners should both respect the other’s opinion, social background and taste.The representatives of

SZEXE enjoyed their experience at the festival, and they also were glad to get to know a lot of other civil organizations they only heard about before, and to talk to them.  At the same time, SZEXE also raised awareness of other civil organizations and festival's visitors' about sex work and sex workers in Hungary.