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Tais Plus Kyrgyzstan DECEMBER 4, BISHKEK: Action to Protest Violence against Sex-Workers.

 Tais Plus and the Sex-Worker Network “Shah-Aiym” is organizing an event to protest the violence against the sex workers with the financial support of the UNFPA and the Soros Foundation Kyrgyztan. The event is meant to commemorate two important dates: December 1st, International AIDS Day and December 17, International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers.

All of us are different but we have come together to put an end to violence against sex workers. December is a month that is marked by a number of important dates when people all over the world come together in the name of justice and equality for those, whose rights and freedoms are being violated. Having come together and feeling the support of our allies we would like to demonstrate our solidarity with the sex workers of Kyrgyztan and other countries and to prevent and fight violence against sex workers.

December 1st is the International AIDS Day:
“Zero new HIV-infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS-related deaths”
December 17 –International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers

We invite you to join us and to see what our life is like:
• Exploring the city at night you will see the real life situations that sex workers face;
• Having come to the Living Library you will hear sex workers’ personal stories about their working experiences and the challenges they face;
• Enjoy the exhibition of sex workers’ arts and crafts;
• Admire our children’s drawings.

Our goal is to ensure that any male or female sex worker is empowered to oppose violence and feels the support of the community and our allies.

The results of the survey, conducted in 2012 by the Sex Worker Network “Shah-Aiym” demonstrate that almost 70% of sex workers have faced some form of their human rights violations. Only a selected few were able to fight and retaliate.

Tais Plus and Shah-Aiym Staff and volunteers address the general public and call to share our concerns with violence against sex workers. We ask you to recognize the problem. We should speak up!

Violence is directly linked to the HIV prevalence: the higher the violence and intolerance, the more HIV infections.

Contact person: Shakhnaz Islamovaа, +996 555 88 93 07 +996 555 88 93 07 FREE , +996 312 54 46 13 +996 312 54 46 13 FREE