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Association Prevent

Association Prevent
Contact Person
Nebojša Durasovic
Member Contact: 
Nebojša Durasovic

Association Prevent was founded in 2004. with a headquarter in Novi Sad, Serbia.

The main goals of the Association are:

  • Education of population about the problems of using of substances and sexually transmitted infections;
  • Advancement of all activities in the field of preventive measures in the problem of using of substances, HIV infection, sexually transmitted infections;
  • Informing citizens, popularization and improvement the quality of content that contribute the prevention of substances use, HIV infection and sexually transmitted infections;
  • Promotion and advancement of youth work and volunteerism.

The Association Prevent has been conducting Harm Reduction program for sex workers since 2007. The program includes counseling, distribution of condoms, gynecological examinations in a mobile medical unit, referral to other doctors, testing for sexually transmitted infections. There are peer educators at the organization who are sex workers. Prevent had projects which were against violence under sex workers, improving of quality of their life, fighting against discrimination etc.