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Contact Person
Dilorom Egamberdieva
Member Contact: 
Dilorom Egamberdieva

"Buzurg" started from scratch in 2003 as an initiative group.

The mission: Increasing legal awareness of women, children and youth, fostering young generation, rendering social assistance to poor families, disabled, orphans, cooperating in the area of women and children health protection, as well as activity in the area of population and environment.

Target group: Injective drug users, sex workers, people living with HIV, former prisoners, vulnerable women and youth at risk.

The followings are established and functional under the organization: Confidential counseling point, Mobile syringe exchange point, Social bureau, Center for affordable services. Their activity is focused at providing access for prisoners to healthcare, social, legal and preventive services. The organization is member of Reducing Harm to Tajikistan since 2003 and Central Asian AIDS Service Organizations Network since 2005.