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Red Umbrella Athens

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SWAN member since 2017.

The Red Umbrella Athens is located in Athens, Greece. The organisation works with female, male, transgender, migrant sex workers, as well as sex workers living with HIV and sex workers who use drugs.

Red Umbrella Athens (RUA) team started a year ago as both community and science based with the long-term goal to be led and facilitated solely by community representatives. RUA team has core members (cis and trans female and male) who work or have worked in different areas of sex industry (street and indoors) as well as people living with HIV/HCV/HBV, and/or using or have used psychoactive substances. The criteria for meaningful involvement are mainly referred to active and equal participation to all procedures and operations of RUA with respect to diversity, human rights and confidentiality. In other words, all sex workers- RUA members participate at the advisory group and are involved in all RUA activities (drop-in center, outreach interventions, conferences and trainings, policy meetings).