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Sex Work 9 – Contents

• Editorial – Melissa Ditmore
• Condom Shortages in Sub-Saharan Africa - Anna-Louise Crago
• Contributing to ‘Development’: Money Made Selling Sex – Laura Marнa
• Show Me the Money: A Sex Worker Reflects on Research into the Sex
Industry - Jo Weldon
• Money and Politics in Cambodia – Women’s Network for Unity
• Money and Sex: What Economics Should Be Doing for Sex Work Research -
Alys Willman-Navarro
• Sex Workers and Finances: A Case Study of New York City – Juhu Thukral
• “I Did It… for the Money”: Sex Work as a Means to Socio-Economic
Opportunity - Melissa Petro
• Chinese Migrant Sex Workers in Hong Kong - Ziteng
• Money and Sex Work in Jamaica - Marlene Taylor
• The TRIPS Agreement, HIV, and International Sex Work - Amit Sen Gupta
and Ananya Mukherjea
• Announcements

If you would like to receive a hard copy, please send your address including your country to editor@researchforsexwork.org  

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