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Sex workers in Ukraine organize to defend their rights

The training took place in Kamanets-Podolskii, a quiet, peaceful town full of little churches and chapels, with ancient architectural features - fortress, clay walls, old prison - and beautiful sights. It puts your thought to peaceful and positive mode, as if you were getting back into childhood.

Being far from shy, I was sure I had in my character all those leadership traits that the training was dedicated to. But as it turned out, the team work wasn’t exactly as I imagined it to be. The essential qualities of the true leader turned to be: faith in yourself, passion for your work, love for people and the right to solitude. Besides, a leader must have followers, be an example and be very responsible. Leadership is absolutely not about being popular or admired by everybody. Leadership is all about the result.

One is a good leader only once her followers do everything right and effectively.

Errrr… perhaps, this is not me yet. Pulling all our wits together in the end of the first day, all of us managed to “win” our walk in the town through our leadership skills.

The organizers obviously wanted to deny us this treat, probably thinking that the brain can work perfectly without a break from 10 am till 9 pm for 3,5 days. To put it into a nutshell – we changed the schedule. It’s a progress already!

To be honest, I wasn’t among the worst, and other participants told me several times that I underestimate my self and that I actually have inclinations to leadership.

I blushed… and looked for those with whom I could communicate informally after the training…
As for the official part of the training, I was positively surprised with the number of participants, and their desire to work, to resist violence. I was impressed by their talents, knowledge of the problems, ability to set goals and achieve results. During the training we developed a mission and strategic goals for self-organization for sex workers.

By the way, your faithful reporter was among those who formed an initiative group to further develop sex workers’ self-organization (Hurray! We are getting closer to formal registration!).

And I was selected to be present at the second Ukrainian sex workers' conference which will take place this year in Kiev.