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… and at IHRA Barcelona Conference

Shahnaz Islamova from Tais Plus, SWAN member from Kyrgyzstan participated at the Barcelona conference and spoke about Tais Plus outreach work with sex workers. Shahnaz’s presentation can be read here.


Outreach Work
Shakhnaz Islamova
Tais Plus,
May 2008, Barcelona

Tais Plus NGO
 Community based organization
 Established and governed by sex workers
 Beneficiaries: sex workers

Principles of mission:
 Holistic and humanistic approach
 Sex workers’ community empowerment
 Self-governance
 Highest possible independence

Outreach Workers
 All our outreach workers are sex workers

Outreach Work
 We contact our people on their own places.
 We don’t wait if our people come to us, but we look for them actively
 We bring the information and commodities demanded directly to our people

In contact:
 We don’t hamper our people to do their work
 We explain clearly, who we are and why we are here
 We offer people what we have
 We are ready to spend a lot of time to establish confidence
 We try to visit our people regularly
 We keep the respectful distance and stay out of other people's affairs

 Police – well, you understand me without explanations.
 We have some difficulties if we don’t speak language of our people and have no idea about their sub-culture. In this case, we ask a cultural mediator to help us. It is no trivial task to find a right person!

Information, Education, and Communication

 Information materials providing
 Peer education

‘Home actions’ and mini sessions
 Mini sessions on pyataks take about 15 minutes, no more
 ‘Home action’ allows us to talk with our people more. If somebody invites us, we visit people at home and discuss all issues they are interested.

 Our team is a part of community and has a strong community support.
 Regular re-assessment of sex workers’ felt needs
 Immediate reaction on the request
 Wide partners’ network

Thank you