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Kazakhstan: Seminar for sex workers

In the framework of December 17 campaign, Social Bureau Kovcheg, SWAN member from Kazakhstan, organized a human rights seminar for sex workers in Taldikorgan. Participating were 20 sex workers.

Says Svetlana Sadukasova of Kovcheg: “We knew all the sex workers who came to the event, because they have worked with Kovcheg before.  That is why they were very open in exchanging stories about violence and human rights violations they survived in their work.”

Participants were introduced with the Declaration of Rights of Sex Workers in Europe and the work of various sex work organizations worldwide.

In 2009 Kovcheg plans to open an internet café for sex workers, and through it give them access to SWAN News and other resources available online.

For more information: Svetlana Sadukasova,

Social Bureau Kovcheg, fsz@mail.ru