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Part 2: 100 flavours of sex work in Kazakhstan

“My message to all the sex workers who read SWAN News is: It doesn’t matter what kind of sex you are having, the most important is for it to be safe !”

You said that most sex work in Kazakhstan is now in-doors in saunas, cafés, clubs, flats or by call. Can sex workers advertise these services in the media ?

Yes. They don’t say “sex work” because maybe the police would start checking in on them. They say “Beautiful charming ladies waiting for a charming prince” or “I can do everything and I will do as I wish !” Also, the internet is popular. There are websites where people can meet and under heterosexual contacts there is a spot “I provide sex for money”.

Has sex work changed over the years ?

It has. Before men came for classic intercourse but in different positions they couldn’t have with their girlfriends. Now, they want S/M, some oral, but anal sex is more interesting to them. I don’t offer it, but others do. Also, role-playing is in demand. Popular role-plays are “French maid”, “nurse”, “waitress” and certain animals, like a woman pretends to be a cat.

Are there any men who sell sex to women ?

In our city, there is one sauna but where this happens but many men want to provide services to women.

Are the prices the same ?

No, it can be twice as expensive because there are fewer men who sell sex to women. The usual prices are so high an ordinary girl can’t afford them. So a richer woman could, a woman who lives alone but the biological need for sex is still there. Sometimes young women too, if they are wealthy, but often older, like in their 50s. The male sex workers are young, about 25-35. If the women are afraid to go to the sauna, the men can go to their flat.

Do police bother male heterosexual sex workers ?

I don’t know. They probably don’t realize that they are selling sex.

Are there sex workers who sell gay or lesbian sex ?

Yes. There are man-man services and woman-woman services. Not only in the saunas but in general too. Women can also sell sex to heterosexual couples. There is also group sex. But a woman will make more selling to men, because there is more interest and more opportunities.

My message to all the sex workers who read SWAN News is: it doesn’t matter what kind of sex you are doing, the most important is for it to be safe !

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