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Sex Workers Baffle Police in Hungary

Bors, Hungary
November 16th 2009 – Wearing only panties and bras, sex workers are on display in small, wooden shacks with large windows overlooking road 53 in Bács-Kiskun county.

Pressed by journalists, the local police admit that there is no legal basis for them to proceed against sex workers, who, in Bors tabloid paper’s term, have set up a ‘sexual lunapark’. The interiors feature red or purple backlights, similar to the windows in Amsterdam’s red light district.

The shacks are built on the edges of private properties, effectively hindering the police to enter them. Since the sex workers are not naked, their presence cannot be regarded as indecent or pornographic. According to the article in Bors rich in reproachful and moralizing comments, senior police officers commute on road 53 every day, undisturbed by the sight of the “peep show zone”.